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Your races

Ultra marathons

1 2015-06-28 Romriksåsen på langs 50km 000m 5h 19min 04s 06:23/km NO Gjerdrum
2 2019-06-15 Ultra Birken 60km 000m 5h 31min 58s 05:32/km NO Lillehamer
3 2019-06-28 Salomon Xreid Voss-Bergen 136km 000m 26h 55min 11:53/km NO Voss
4 2020-08-15 Rondane 100 160km 000m 27h 03min 18s 10:09/km NO Folldal


1 2013-09-21 Oslo Maraton 42km 195m 3h 46min 50s 05:24/km NO Oslo
2 2014-09-20 Oslo Marathon 42km 195m 3h 31min 37s 04:56/km NO Oslo
3 2015-09-19 Oslo Maraton 42km 195m 3h 12min 08s 04:29/km NO Oslo
4 2016-09-17 OSLO MARATHON 42km 195m 3h 10min 42s 04:28/km NO OSLO
5 2018-09-15 Oslo Maraton 42km 460m 2h 58min 11s 04:13/km NO Oslo
6 2019-09-21 Oslo Maraton 42km 195m 2h 48min 51s 04:00/km NO Oslo